In order to travel to Iran you may require a VISA. To check whether you need a VISA, please visit the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( If you are in need of a VISA, please read this page carefully. Passports valid for travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Any accompanying person included in your passport who needs a visa must submit a separate application. Applying for a VISA may take a long time. Therefore it is very important that you apply for a VISA as soon as possible. We advise you to get in touch with the embassy as soon as you receive the confirmation of participation at the Congress. You can also request for an invitation letter as a congress participant. For more information, please contact us at:

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Tehran Climate during the Congress

The month of October is characterized by rapidly falling daily low temperatures, with daily ...


Tap water is safe and drinkable in Tehran and most parts of Iran, although you can also get bottled mineral water which is widely available.

Time Zone

At the time of the congress you can adjust your clocks with this simple formula: GMT + 3.5

Electricity Voltage

In Iran electricity voltage is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. 110 volts appliance can be used with help of a 110-to-220 plug. You can find these plugs in Tehran for sure, but finding electrical plugs may take time in any country that is why we recommend you to get them before your travel to Iran.

Communications Service

International direct dialing service is available. Iran country code is 98 and outgoing international code is 00. Public telephone booths are widely available in yellow and marked in English. Although there are also phone cards for international calls which make them much cheaper and you can find them in almost every super market.

Mobile Service

There are different telecom companies that you can buy their SIM cards right at the airport. Your own SIM will probably not work in Iran. With the new SIM cards you can make short as well as long distance calls.

Access to Internet

If you buy a SIM card you can also use its internet service (GPRS, 3G &4G). Yet all the major hotels provide their guests with internet facilities. There are also many Internet Cafes in Tehran for public use and most of cafes and restaurants have free WiFi.

Iranian Currency

It is called Iranian Rial (IR). You may come across the word “Toman” here. 10 IR = 1 Toman. People usually use “Tomans” instead of “Rials” in every day cases. The rate of exchange goes through very little fluctuations every day. To have an idea about the exchange rate, you can search the web.

International Credit/Debit Cards

There are no internationally known credit or debit cards in Iran. It is possible in some particular shops to purchase some items like carpets, handicrafts, jewels, etc by credit cards like in some major hotels or some other shops outside hotels. But we recommend you to take enough cash with you to cover your travel expenses.


In Iran the prices relatively low for everyday items. Books, souvenirs, meals, foodstuff and transportation have relatively high quality yet low prices.

Working Days and Off Days

Iranian working days are from Saturday to Thursday and Fridays are the national off days. On Thursdays, some companies are totally off and some are working only half day.

Clothing in Iran

Iran is a country with a dress code, respecting Islamic rules. In public, ladies must wear a long coat over their regular clothes and are required to cover their heads with a scarf.

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