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 Visa Information for Applications to Iran

All visa applications for Asia-Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group 2017 to Iran will be facilitated by Iran Doostan MICE Services.

• To start, in order to start the visa process; you will need to complete a visa application form along with a passport copy and a new version of your personally 3*4 photo.

(A valid passport with at least 6 months validity)


Business Visa

An invitation letter, hosted company newsletter and its status form for business travelers have to be sent to the Iranian tour company (Iran Doostan) to be submitted in Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An authorization number is issued after 15 working days normally. Then they must visit an Iranian Consulate (appointed at the start of the process in the application form) armed with the visa permit number, in order to have the visa stamped in the passport. This cannot be done by post and can take anything from 1 day to 1 week. The traveler has a month to obtain the visa, and has 3 months to enter Iran.

Tourism Visa or Upon-Arrival Visa

Travelerscan visit an Iranian Consulate (appointed at the start of the process in the application form) armed with the visa permit number, in order to have the tourism visa stamped in the passport or they can obtain their visa stamp upon arrival in these airports (Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz and Isfahan).

In case to extend your visa, it can only be done through Iranian Foreign Affair Office. In that case, maximum 14 days extension is possible.

Please note that you will be also charged by Iran Embassy in your/another country for government stamping.

Please note that business visa applicants can not apply for upon arrival visa. Also, some nationalities cannot get their visa upon arrival at an Iranian airport. Please check in advance and pay attention to the below list. For the below list of countries the process is different and takes a little longer.


Northern Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India nationalities are not allowed to collect the visa stamp in Tehran Airport (IKA), so they should report their nearest embassy to collect the Iranian visa stamp.

Travelers, who have Israeli visa stamp in their passport, must have passed 1 year since the time of travel to Israel to enter Iran.

Note: The above list may change. Please check in advance.



  • If you are a UK, USA or Canadian passport holders, you need to submit the following in order to start the visa procedure. The visa process will take a minimum of 30 working days for the nationalities.


  • Completed visa form, passport copy, 3*4 personally photo, resume, exact flight details and daily program in Iran.

If you plan to do any leisure tours in Iran you must be accompanied by a guide with a fixed program (this is recommended by Iranian officials for safety reasons).


Visa Processing Charges

(Charges are per person)

Group size or Individual

Up to 9pax – 50.00€

More than 10pax – 40.00€

The above prices are in Euros and include the visa processing in Iran (per person). The visa stamp fee is payable in the Iran Embassy or Consulate.

DEADLINE –29 September 2017


Please note that all of these laws about the nationalities and visas may change by conditions and situations such as, politics changes, health situation in country of origin, the area safety in case we inform you (applicant) which nationality is not approved to apply for Iran visa legally.

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Welcome Massage

We are delighted to welcome you to the congress of the APBMT inTehran, Iran, 2017.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the next APBMT conference which will be held in Tehran, Iran 28-30 oct 2017 . The APBMT conference is a great opportunity to bring together scholars from the Asia pacific region to communicate and exchange ideas in order to improve the outcome of HSCT.We are honored to have invited well-known and esteemed scientists whose work, research and efforts need no introduction.Now I would like to draw your attention to a brief overview over beauties of Iran and events organized successfully by Iranian society of stem cell transplant. Our research institute actively involved in arranging important national and international conferences in hematology oncology and stem cell transplantation such as APBMT conference which was held in Tehran in 2004 and APCC conference in 2007. We are looking forward to meeting you in Tehran

Prof. Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
President of the Congress



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